8 week mindfulness-base stress reduction course

I have started an 8 week mindfulness-based stress reduction course, after I have completed this course I’m hoping to enrol on a teacher training for mindfulness-base stress reduction course. I often see clients who have pain however it’s often stress is the underline cause of their pain, that’s why I have decided to take my clinic in this direction.

After I have finished my training I will be setting up my own 8 week mindfulness courses at my clinic, with a maximum of 8 students which will be more personal as with  most courses you will attend will have 20-25 students attending

With the course I have enrolled onto we watched three videos explaining how mindfulness works staying in the present moment, one of the videos was about eating our food, it’s amazing when we slow down and be mindful of our actions of eating staying in the present moment how much better the food tastes.  The way mindfulness works is when we stay present in the moment we enjoy the task that we are doing more, even the boring ones like washing up. Some of the experiences may not be pleasant however the research findings is over all we are much happier living in the here and now rather living in the past which can cause depression. If we live in the future can cause anxiety as they are always worrying what might happen, if you can’t change it don’t worry about it.

Tasks for week one

The first week of the 8 week course we have two tasks a formal task of a body scan, starting from our toes working the way up our body including our organs and noticing any sensations physical and emotional, becoming aware our breath without changing it, how we felt with the sensations physically and emotionally. The other task was an informal task where we had to chose an activity we performed during the day and write how we felt before we started, during the task and how we felt about when were writing about our feelings, thoughts and sensations of  a task therefore bringing our awareness to our feelings and thoughts.


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