Nutritional therapy Buckingham

Nutritional therapy

What is Nutrition Therapy

Nutritional Therapy is the application of nutrition science in the promotion of health, peak performance and individual care (BANT). A Registered Nutritional Therapists utilises a wide range of tools to assess and identify underlying causes of symptoms and potential nutritional imbalances.

Nutrition Therapy practice is a complimentary therapy that is appropriate for individuals with chronic conditions, as well as those looking for support to enhance their health and wellbeing. Practitioners work with clients to recommend appropriate personalised nutrition and lifestyle programmes, taking into consideration any possible drug-nutrient interactions, client requirements, personal circumstances, physical, environmental and emotional stressors and varying financial circumstances.  Essentially Nutrition therapy practice recognises that everyone is unique, avoiding a ‘one size fits all’ approach.


A registered Nutrition Therapist does not claim to diagnose, treat or give advice against taking medication. The service we offer is to help empower, educate and support clients and is not a substitute for professional medical care or advice. If you know or suspect you have a health problem it is recommended that you seek advice from your general practitioner. Any client with ‘red flag’ signs or symptoms will be referred to their medical professional.

Supporting health – Recommendations made to help with:

  • Balance intakes of fats, carbohydrates and proteins
  • Improved nutritional status
  • Address nutrient imbalances that may be associated with health problems
  • support gastrointestinal health, digestion and absorption of foods
  • support detoxification capacity
  • promote hormone and neurotransmitter balance
  • promote adequate hydration
  • support gut microflora
  • Balance blood sugar levels.
  • Weight management
  • Improved Energy levels
  • Improving symptoms of Allergies and intolerances
  • Addressing migraines/headaches
  • Supporting cardiovascular health

Functional Medicine applied in consultations

As part of clinical practice I strive to work with each client to establish their goals and to find a nutritional programme that is realistic and fits in with their lives.  The principles of Functional Medicine are applied to uncover any underlying cause of symptoms and diet, lifestyle, medical history and family history are taken into consideration and how these may be affecting health.  Any recommendations made are evidence based and are made in order to support individual biochemistry and to achieve optimum health. My aim is to is to empower clients, s well as educate and offer guidance, support and the tools necessary to regain control of their health in order to achieve beneficial results

Consultation Process

1s stepPhone call

15 minutes (free of charge) –  To discuss individual requirements and any health issues and to decide whether nutritional therapy is the most suitable route.

2st stepPrior to the consultation –  you will be asked

  • complete a confidential health and lifestyle questionnaire
  • keep a food diary for three days  (to be returned 1 week before the consultaion) These will be analysed prior to your consultation and will helping me to understand your current lifestyle and eating habits.

note: without a concise and completed documentation including food diary and questionnaire I am unable to provide consultancy to support your requirements.

3nd step – The initial consultation will last 1½ hours in order to

  • Review your complete health history and that of your family
  • Understand your current and past symptoms and how they have changed
  • Review your current diet and lifestyle.
  • Assess your nutritional status
  • Offer functional testing and supplements where appropriate
  • Work with you to devise a unique plan of manageable changes that support improved health
  • If appropriate, I may recommend laboratory testing in order to gain a more complete health profile.
  • Supplements will only be recommended to address nutritional imbalances and will not be used as a replacement for a healthy diet.

4th stepPersonal programme – Within a week of your consultation you will receive a personal programme

  • Personal programme contains appropriate nutrition and lifestyle advice  and 1 week menu plan, including recipes, will be emailed to you following your consultation.

5th step –  Follow-up Consultation

Further 45 min follow-up meeting after 6 to 8 weeks to monitor progress

– Before your follow-up consultation I will ask you to complete a 3-day food diary that I will analyse prior to our meeting

–  Support and monitor progress, and make adjustments to the programme if necessary. and re-focus the     nutritional plan if necessary.

-discuss any test results, re-evaluate your health goals

Dietary advice

-Before your consultation you will complete a 3 day food diary to be analysed prior to the consultation

– During your consultation I will explain how the foods you are eating may be affecting your health and – discuss how your diet may be altered to ensure that your meals are balanced and that all your nutrient needs are being met.

-I will explain in detail why a balanced diet is important and I will provide you with meal and snack ideas     –  1 week menu plan, including recipes, will be sent to you following the consultation.

Nutritional Supplements

The focus of every clinical sessions will be on adapting diet and lifestyle primarily, and may also include advice and specific recommendations for nutritional supplements. Supplements may be recommended at times in order to help to balance any nutritional deficiencies in order to help promote self-healing.

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