Yoga classes in Buckingham & Gawcott

Yoga Classes in Buckingham and Gawcott

yoga-pageYoga Classes Gawcott Village Hall

– Monday 6-7 pm – (4places left) maximum of 12  students paid monthly 1st Monday of the month

Yoga teachers

Lee Richards & Rae are both 200 hour yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, and studied at the Whitespace studio in Stony Stratford. The course was spread over 13 months.

Lee likes to bring his knowledge of over 17 years of experience working with my therapies into my yoga classes. I like to work on the alignment and the foundation of each pose which will keep your muscles balanced with strength and flexibility.

Rae started yoga in her 20s and viewed it as an extension to her dance but soon found out that yoga has many more benefits. Yoga makes her feel happy, it calms her overactive brain and helps keeps her feel grounded. Rae yoga practice is physical with mental wellbeing that she has been searching for and with her dance could not find this balance.

Rae loved her yoga so much that she decided to teach it and create a little sanctuary for others to experience the benefits of yoga too.

The style we teach at Lee Therapies is Hatha yoga; this style of yoga is where most types of yoga that we practice today come from. Hatha yoga come is suitable for beginners and intermediate levels, making it accessible to everyone.

Yoga is a self-study of the mind and body. It’s amazing what we can learn about ourselves when we slow down and tune into what we are feeling on an emotional and physical level.


Yoga has many benefits, one of the main reasons people start coming to yoga classes that it’s an excellent way to release your stress and helps you stay calm in stressful situations.

If we sit at a desk or drive it affects our posture. When this happens it leads to fatigue and can have a big impact on how we feel physically and emotionally which can affect our sleep. It’s not uncommon for people to have more energy, better quality of sleep, become more flexible in a few sessions and often people do change as a person over time.