Week one of mindfulness-based stress reduction course

Day one

My experience of this task yesterday was straight away my soles of my feet were tingling intensely and I’m hoping this was helping me to ground myself. My mind was very busy which did surprise me as in meditation I’m normally very focused. I had sensations in  my left hip flexor which  was very achy and I know has some imbalances with the muscles.

The task that I chose to be mindful of was washing up, before the task I notice I really don’t like it and could easily leave it if I could. During the task I notice how hot the water was, the bubbles were soft, the different textures of the plates, glasses, cutlery and pans and surprisingly it was as boring as it normally is. Writing up about the task I found it was a bit of effort, this maybe as I was tired and wanted to go to bed or I hate writing up my journal



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