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All Therapist are fully COVID vaccinated

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Lee Therapies specialise in sports & non-sporting injuries and stress-related conditions using healing therapy treatments

Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture

Sports therapy & Sports Massage


Relaxing Massage


The Top 5 complaints they see at their clinic are Running and Cycling Injuries, Back Pain, Shoulder Tension with sharp or dull pain, Stress which may include Anxiety, Insomnia  and Migraines , they are also able to treat loads of other conditions contact them for more details.

Therapy treatments are available at Buckingham’s private health & wellbeing clinic 9 Bridge Street MK18 1EL Buckinghamshire.

Sporting Performance

We don’t only fix your sporting injuries with sports massage & sports therapy, acupuncture or a combination of our therapies, we also can help you achieve your goals whatever they are from beginner to ironman

We Will Help You

Lee has over 18 years of experience and knowledge to help you, with individually tailored treatments as we are all individuals

Health & Wellbeing

Helping you keep your body at its optimal level as your health is the most important aspect of life


Design treatments for your insomnia and help you understand why your not sleeping. Give you strategies to help you get back into a good sleeping pattern.


Lee used to suffer from unusual migraines so he knows how you feel, he will give you some techniques to reduce them and hopefully stop them from happening


Many conditions are related to posture and has a big impact on how we feel and behave, Lee will give you simple but effective ways to keep your posture inline.


NHS staff get discount on acupuncture, sports massage & sports therapy, relaxing massage and reflexology Tuesday – Friday only

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Book your appointment today by phone, text, email or book online as tomorrow never happens, the sooner Lee can see you your health will improve .