Acupuncture for seasonal change and transition

As the season changes our body has to try and adjust which can be difficult especially this time of year.

With having a balancing acupuncture treatment to strengthen the lungs and expel the waste from the large intestines.

When we get rid of the stuff that serves us no purpose we feel lighter and energised.

This season comes under the metal element and the organ it represent is the lungs and large intestines.

This is the ideal time to get into a routine of breathing techniques. These techniques will strengthen the lungs and prevent you from getting the winner bugs.

We will show you some breathing exercises that you can do at home to help you stay fit and healthy. When you go out wear a scarf to protect your throat and neck stopping you from becoming ill.

Autumn is about finishing projects and seeing the benefits from them and planning for the coming year. This time of year is about reflection of all aspects of our lives. Having a good clear out of things that we no longer need. Get rid of all of the people who drain your energy. You only want to be around people who you enjoy their company that have a positive affect on you

Each season has an emotion attached to it and autumn is to do with grief. The days are getting shorter therefore we should be slowing down preserving our energy for the coming months. As we get older our body starts to slow down, I would recommend taking vitamin D as it’s harder to store.

Our diet should start changing into more warmer foods as the temperature gets colder. Foods for this time of year soups, stews and casseroles to nourish the body.