Weight loss should be done gradually with a good healthy diet which is a lifestyle change.

To get to the weight you want you should aim to have a calorie deficit of 500 calories

Use My Fitness Pal it works out the calories you should be having each day. The way My Fitness Pal works you put your food and exercise in each day and it works out your calories.

It’s important to do a combination of cardio and weight training to have the best results. Cardio will burn a lot of calories especially if you train anaerobic, keeping your heart rate at 80 – 90% of your maximum heart rate . Anaerobic cardio training should only be done if your fitness level is good. Weight training will build muscle mass which is needed to burn fat.

Try to do some form of exercise most days, after 20 minutes your start to burn fat, in the morning it’s only 5 minutes . By doing exercise most days it accumulates over the week helping fat loss.

The days you don’t exercise try to eat less

Eating Tips

Chew your food slowly, little trick after you put food in your mouth put your knife and fork down. By putting your knife and fork down you will eat less.

Drink plenty of water, this helps to flush the toxins out of your body and make you less hungry. Don’t drink with meals as this dilutes the acid in your stomach making it harder to digest your food. An hour before your meal drink more water to fill you up therefore you eat less and wait 30 minutes after your meal.

Don’t eat late at night if you have to make it a smaller meal. Only eat natural foods as your body cannot process it and it will get stored as fat.

Your diet should contain all your food groups.

Work on your good bacteria in your stomach, the better your stomach is working the better your digestion will be helping you achieve your ideal weight. I would suggest taking a high strength probiotic

Eat right size portions for you, have a smaller plate which makes it look like you have more food. Have set eating times so your body starts to digest food before you starting eating. Sit at the table to eat your food helping the digestion process. when eating your food concentrate on eating your food so no tv until you have finished.